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Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (INRIA). Centre Inria Saclay - Île-de-France 1 rue Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves Bâtiment Alan Turing Campus de l'École Polytechnique 91120 Palaiseau Téléphone : +33 (0) 1 72 92 59 00 Directeur de la publication : Jean-Yves Berthou, Directeur du centre de recherche Inria Saclay.

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Nom ou dénomination sociale : Octopuce adresse du siège social : 25 rue Popincourt 75011 PARIS courriel et/ou téléphone : contact(@) / + 33 (0)9 72 30 13 84

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Privacy Policy

Terms and condtions

The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to participation in the hackathon (“CreARTathon”). The CreARTathon is organized by Inria, Université Paris Saclay and Societies (“Organizers”). Article 0 – Definitions The following definitions apply to the Terms of the CreARTathon: “Author”: every participant who creates a work during the CreARTathon. “Participant”: every student registered to participate to the CreARTathon, and has confirmed its participation when accepting the following Terms. “Work”: result from the CreARTathon, created by one or several authors, and every intellectual property right arising from it. “Exhibition”: one or several exhibitions as planned by the Organizers.

Article 1 – Organization

The CreARTathon is a creative hackathon that combines art, design and digital science organized from 23th to 27th of August 2021 by the Organizers:

  • Inria research Centre of Saclay Ile de France, public scientific and technological body, established by order n° 85-831 of August 2, 1985 as amended, having its registered office at Domaine de Voluceau – Rocquencourt – BP 105 – 78153 Le Chesnay cedex France, represented by its Chairman and CEO, Mr Bruno SPORTISSE and/or Mr. Jean-Yves BERTHOU, Director of the Inria research Centre of Saclay Île – de-France, located Bâtiment Alan Turing – 1 rue Honoré d’Estienne d’Orves – 91120 Palaiseau cedex France,

  • Université Paris Saclay, Public establishment with a scientific and cultural and professional vocation, having its registered office at Immeuble Technologique Entrée B, Route de l’Orme aux Mérisiers 91190 SAINT-AUBIN France, SIRET number 130 026 024 00013 represented by Mrs. Sylvie RETAILLEAU, President of Paris Saclay University,

  • Societies, non-profit association (loi de 1901) located 115/117 rue La Fayette, 75010 Paris, represented by Mr Jérôme Poggi as President. Multidisciplinary teams of five students will work together to design a ‘Creative intelligent interactive artifact’ that creates a true artist-computer partnership.

The CreARTathon is open to Masters or Ph.D. students in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) or the Université Paris-Saclay, as well as students from Paris Art and Design schools. HCI and AI faculty from Inria and the Université Paris-Saclay will teach Master Classes, and each team will be coached by a professional artist. A multi-disciplinary jury will award prizes to the top three teams and all projects will be exhibited at a gallery in Paris in the beginning of September. Enrollment is limited to 40 students and because of the large number of international students, the summer school will be held in English. During the CreARTathon, the Participants must remain in possession of a proof of ID.

Article 2 – Purpose of the CreARTathon

The CreARTathon is a creative hackathon combining art, design and digital science in a Creative Hackathon where multi-disciplinary teams of five students collaborate on the design of a intelligent interactive object. This year’s challenge: Designing a creative, intelligent & interactive artifact for an artist (visual arts, music, sculpture, dance, theater) that creates a true artist-computer partnership. The purpose of the CreARTathon is to:

  • invent creative, intelligent and interactive artefacts offering a true artist-digital partnership,
  • encourage students in AI and HCI to include an artistic perspective in their work,
  • expose art and design students to the new perspectives offered by the combination of AI and HCI technologies.

Article 3 – Conditions of the course of the CreARTathon

All meals and hosting (2 person per room) costs are paid by the Organizers and sponsors.

No other expenditure will be paid. All other expenditures will be at the Participant’s cost (i.e. transportation, single room, additional nights). The Participant renounces to claim any compensation resulting from the costs engaged by him/her for the CreARTathon (travel costs etc). The core summer school will occur during the week of 23-27 August 2021, at the Digiteo building (660) at the Université Paris-Saclay. A more detailed agenda can be found here :

Nine meeting rooms will be used, 8 for the 5-person student groups and 1 for the visiting artists. In addition, the Participants will have access to a large open working space of over 400 square meters, and access to the FabLab, which offers 3D printing, electronic fabrics, various wearable technologies, interactive printing, Arduinos, etc. The Participants will be trained by FabLab staff, by appointment, on the specific machine(s) relevant to their project and will be able to seek advice as their projects progress.

Université Paris Saclay will only provide the means for the Participants to carry out the goal of the CreARTathon (electricity, WiFi…) but will not be held liable in case of a malfunction.

Université Paris Saclay will provide all information related to the authorized usage of the equipment that is made available to the Participants. The Participants hereby acknowledge that the usage is strictly permitted by Université Paris Saclay as owner of the equipment. The Participants acknowledge that they need to comply with all instruction provided by Université Paris Saclay about usage of the equipment. The Organizers shall take all steps (such as exclusion) if a Participant does not comply with such instruction, and/or if the Participant behaves in an unsafe manner.

Université Paris Saclay shall not be held liable for any improper use of the equipment by the Participants. The Participants shall be responsible for any damage occurred by them, when the equipment is damaged by such usage. Any other equipment shall be brought by the Participants (computer etc). The equipment must comply with electrical installations of the building. One week after the summer school (September 3-5, 2021) each Work will be exhibited at a gallery in Paris that will be open to the public. We will also invite journalists, and faculty and students from the Université Paris-Saclay and the Art and Design schools in Paris. The CreARTathon does not imply any remuneration for the Participants.

Article 4 – Masterclasses

After an initial welcome, the Participant will attend two Master Classes. Master Class 1 will be an introduction to Human-Computer Interaction, with a focus on design methodology from a human perspective and the concept of a human-computer partnership. Master Class 2 will be an introduction to Machine Learning, with a focus on interactive machine learning and how to incorporate the human in the loop. These faculty members currently teach these topics at the Master’s level in the HCI and AI programs at the Université Paris-Saclay.

Each of the four guest artists will then present their work, and will act as ‘clients’ for the groups. Each artist will be responsible for coaching two teams of five Participants each. The guest artists are all both practicing artists and experienced teachers at known art schools. The Participants agree to attend all masterclasses, as it is part of the CreARTathon.

Article 5 – Registration of the Participants

The Participants are registered to the CreARTathon. The registration is free of cost. In order to be accepted, the Participant has to be a student: Masters or Ph.D. student in Art, Design, Human-Computer Interaction or Artificial Intelligence. Students from the Paris area and the Université Paris-Saclay have priority, but other students may also apply. Acceptances will be notified by email the 21 June 2021.

The Participants need to address a curriculum and / or portfolio when registering, in order for the Organizers to select or group the Participants according to their experience and area of expertise.

Inria may cancel any registration when the person does not meet the requirements to participate, as expressed hereabove. The Participant hereby certifies that the information provided during its registration are true and accurate. Inria may terminate any registration if the information provided by the Participant is false, incomplete or inaccurate.

By accepting the Terms and conditions of the CreARTathon, you are officially a Participant of the CreARTathon.

Article 6 – Panel and prize

A multi-disciplinary jury will award prizes to the top three teams of Participants and all Works will be exhibited at an art space in Paris (announced in June) in Paris in September, 2021. Award consists in a trophy & certificate for the top three teams of Participants chosen by the jury. The jury will be chosen by the Organizers and will be composed of a maximum of ten persons. The evaluation criteria of the jury’s decision will be:

  • creativity
  • fitness to the relevant artistic activity
  • quality of the Work, regarding operating and regarding interaction. The jury does not justify its decision. Therefore, no claim will be received from a Participant following the jury’s decision.

Article 7 – Exhibition

One or several Exhibitions are planned by the Organizers: at least an Exhibition will take place in an Art space in Paris from 3rd of September to 5th of September 2021. The Exhibition will be organized with a free access, and will be non-profit for the Organizers and for the Authors. If other Exhibitions are planned by the Organizers, the Authors will be informed. The Exhibition will show all Works resulting from the CreARTathon. Scenography will be participatory amongst Participants, coaches and artists. The Authors agree to give permission to the Organizers to disclose their Works during the Exhibition. Therefore, the Authors agree not to prevent the Organizers from disclosing its Work to the public. The Authors agree not to prevent the successful performance of the Exhibition.

Article 8 – Intellectual property

Participants retain ownership of all intellectual and industrial property rights (including moral rights) in and to their Works. By accepting the Terms, you accept to license your Work under the terms of the Creative Commons license BY NC SA (

By accepting the Terms, you accept that your Work will be disclosed to the public during the Exhibition(s). You accept to grant the Organizers a free of cost exclusive license to disclose your Work to the public for the purpose of the Exhibition(s), for the duration necessary to set up the Exhibition(s), limited to France.

The Organizers will ask the Participants to sign such agreement on the first day of the CreARTathon. In case of a Work created by several Authors, the Authors may decide to organize the intellectual protection of the Work between them. The Participants undertake to create the Work in a lawful manner. The Participants guarantee that the Work is original and the Work does not infringe third party’s intellectual property rights (i.e. the Participant does not use a protected piece of work without prior authorization from its author), or does not breach any confidentiality agreement. Usage of equipment proprietary of Inria or Université Paris Saclay by the Participants does not create any right or license upon the said equipment.

The Organizers shall not be held liable for any claim about infringement of intellectual property rights arising from the Work. Copyright protection extends only to expressions, and not to ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts as such. During the CreARTathon, Inria will make available the software “Video Clipper” and the system “Marcelle” to the Participants. The software and the system remain Inria’s property.

Article 9 – Modification, termination or cancellation of the CreARTathon

The Organizers may modify the Terms of the CreARTathon if the situation requires it. For example, an event of force majeure may disturb the realization of the CreARTathon, and the Organizers may terminate, extend, shorten, cancel the CreARTathon and will not be held liable for such decision. The Organizers will notify the Participants of such modification (by sending an e-mail). A Participant may refuse such modification and will be excluded from the competition. Without reception of such refusal, the Participant is deemed to agree to the modified Terms.

Article 10 – Warranties and liability - Disclaimer

The Participant is responsible for the use of its own equipment (i.e. hardware, software and any data stored) during the CreARTathon. The Participant recognizes that he/she remains liable for any injury, damage that may arise during the CreARTathon, caused by him/her and/or by its own equipment.

The Organizers will not be held liable in case of a theft, injury, damage caused by a Participant and/or by its equipment, to a Participant and/or to an equipment.

The Organizers may exclude a Participant who does not respect the Terms and/or a Participant who does not comply with intellectual property right protection (i.e. using a protected author’s work without the author’s authorization according to French law).

Internet is not a secure network, thus the Organizers cannot be held liable for any propagation of a virus, third-party security intrusion, breach, and cannot be held liable for the access and usage of the network by the Participants. The Organizers will not be held liable for any loss of data, for any damage and for any indirect damages, resulting from the access to Internet by the Participants. The Participants shall take all steps to secure and protect its own data and equipment in order to prevent such scenario.

The Participant recognizes that he/she has access to Internet at its own initiative and at its sole responsibility.

The Organizers do not give any warranty about the content that the Participants can have access to.

The Organizers cannot be held liable for any interruption of access to Internet, for any bugs, and for any indirect damage (loss of image, of time etc), regardless of the causes of such issue, resulting from the access to Internet by a Participant, and/or resulting from the inaccessibility of Internet. The Participant hereby agrees to all risks of the access to Internet, including transmission time or technical malfunctions. The Participant renounces to any action against the Organizers about the organization, conditions and results of the CreARTathon.

Article 11 – Data protection

When registering for the CreARTathon, the Participant accepts to provide personal information to the Organizers, for the purpose of registration and organization of the CreARTathon. Therefore, the Participant consented to this processing of personal data. The Participant was also informed of the possibility to consent to a secondary use of its personal information, for the purpose of communication (newsletters etc).

All information related to the privacy policy can be found here (

Article 12 – Applicable law and opposability of the Terms

The Terms are governed by French law.

All disputes arising from the CreARTathon or the interpretation of the Terms, that cannot be solved amicably, shall be referred to the competent courts. The Terms can be found here ( and will be displayed during the CreARTathon at all time in the building. By ticking the box below, you (“Participant”) acknowledge to having read the Terms and agreed to it.