The second edition of creartathon !

Second edition of the design + interaction + AI hackathon for creators (7th to 17th July, 2022)

Application period : 2nd March - 1st May 2022 (Closed)

creartathon's previous edition : 2021

The Inria creartathon combines art and science in a Creative Hackathon where multi-disciplinary teams of five students collaborate on the design of a intelligent interactive object. This year’s challenge: Designing a creative, intelligent & interactive artifact that creates a true human-computer partnership. This event is organised by the Université Paris-Saclay, with the Inria Saclay Centre, and Societies, and takes place at La Fabrique, fablab of centraleSupélec.

If you are a Masters or Ph.D. student in Art, Design, Human-Computer Interaction or Machine Learning from a French or European University or art school, and want to spend a week brainstorming, designing, and implementing an intelligent interactive object, apply! Enrolment is limited. Workspace, food, equipment and materials will be provided by Inria, the Université Paris-Saclay and La Fabrique, fablab of centraleSupélec. HCI, AI and Design faculty will teach Master Classes, and all teams will be coached by professional artists. A multi-disciplinary jury will award prizes to the top three teams and all projects will be exhibited at an art space in Paris (15th to 17th July, 2022).

Each team will include five students, with at least one each in Art, Design, Human-Computer Interaction, and Machine Learning. Applicants should write a letter of motivation, accompanied by a C.V. or portfolio (for art or design students).

the seven artifacts
The seven final artifacts from the Creartathon 2021.


Who can apply?

Masters or Ph.D. students in Art, Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Engineering or Machine Learning from French and European Universities and art schools. Students from the following list of institutions and initiatives have priority, but other students may also apply.

  • Students in art or design from : Ecole de Beaux Arts, ENSCI, Boule et Duperré in Paris or Université Paris-Saclay
  • Students in Computer Science, especially Human-Computer Interaction or Artificial Intelligence from the Université Paris-Saclay
  • Students in Human-Computer Interaction or Artificial Intelligence from the Humane-AI Network
  • Students in the EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) Masters program

What will be included?

  • Housing during the summer school and hackathon (7th to 14th July, 2022)*
  • Food (meals and snacks)
  • Materials (art and technology)

* Non-local students may apply for a travel grant and additional housing during the Paris exhibition. (A separate application will be available after acceptance.)

creartathon's previous edition : 2021

How to apply?

Apply online between 2nd March to 1st May 2022 (closed)

Accepted candidates will be notified by email on the 19th May 2022.

Key dates

Application: 2nd March to 1st May 2022
(extended to 15th May 2022!)
Acceptance: 19th May 2022 (by email)
Master Classes: 7th and 8th July 2022* La Fabrique, fablab of centraleSupélec
Hackathon: 9th to 13th July 2022* La Fabrique, fablab of centraleSupélec
Exhibition: 15th to 17th July, 2022* Art Gallery in Paris

* Depending upon pandemic regulations.

Last edition’s video!

The creartathon is an initiative of Inria, the University of Paris-Saclay and the association Societies. 2021 edition has been supported by the French Ministry of Culture and major players in the worlds of art, design and digital sciences. With the participation of ENSCI, ENSBA, École Duperré and École Boulle.